EasyDens & SmartRef Combo


The EasyDens & SmartRef Combo includes: EasyDens Digital Density Meter: 1x EasyDens 2x Batteries 1x Syringe 1x Waste hose 1x Adapter luer SmartRef Digital Refractometer: 1x SmartRef 2x Batteries 4x Pipettes


Our EasyDens & SmartRef combo uses density measurement and refractive index measurement. 

Determine the precise alcohol content of fermenting or finished beer by using the measuring technologies of EasyDens and SmartRef in combination.
Determination of wort extract content
Fermentation tracking & visualization
Automatic temperature correction (ATC)
Brew Meister Combo feature:Precise alcohol content determination (±0.5 %v/v)
Additional results for real extract (±0.2 %w/w)
and original gravity (±0.8 %w/w)
Unlimited ABV measurements with app subscription
Available for standard and strong beer



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