Sergeant Sparge Head - Wort Spreader and Aerator


Designed to help spread and distribute your wort in a mash tun for even recirculation while avoiding streaming affects that can hinder your efficiency. It can also be used as an aerator transfer piece to your fermenter.


The KegLand Sparge Sprinkler is a super simple device designed to help in spreading and distributing your wort in a mash tun / sparge vessel. It can also be used as the final transfer piece to assist in aerator your wort prior to pitching your yeast. 

It is also designed to fit through a BrewZilla Glass or Metal Distillation lid so you can recirculate evenly over your mash by adjusting the pumps ball valve or % Pump Feature for Gen 4 users.

1/2" Thread - 50mm Long - 20.4mm wide
12.7mm Radial Seal Stainless Steel Barb-Tail with a 1/2" Stainless Steel Retaining Nut

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