53L BrewBuilt X2 - Jacketed Stainless Steel Conical Unitank Fermenter Kit (14gal)


When it comes to temperature control nothing compares the performance you get with the holy grail; a unit purpose-built for glycol-jacketed fermentation control. The 53L Brewbuilt X2 - Jacketed Uni Tank offers maximum cooling power without any compromise of sanitation.


When it comes to temperature control nothing compares the performance you get with the holy grail; a unit purpose-built for glycol-jacketed fermentation control. The 53L Brewbuilt X2 - Jacketed Uni Tank offers maximum cooling power without any compromise of sanitation.

BrewBuilt have pushed the boundaries once again into new territory never before seen on a premium conical fermenter. The end result is a unit purpose-built for jacketed fermentation control. This unit will advance your fermentation process, improve the quality of your finished beer, and look good doing it. This is the brewing sidekick that you’ll brag to your friends about.

Circulating cooling solution through the jacket provides your fermenting beer with added insulation from the ambient temperatures, allowing for increased cooling capacity in warmer environments and cold crashing after fermentation is complete.

We guarantee that you will love the fit and finish of the X2 Uni Conical. Made entirely of 304 stainless steel, the quality exceeds what has previously been done in brewing applications and approaches the level of pharmaceutical-grade finish. With flawless welds and a dazzling mirror-polish finish inside and out, the BrewBuilt X2 Uni is easy to sanitize and even easier on the eyes. You’ll probably wanna snap a pic. #BrewBuilt

The BrewBuilt X2 Jacketed Unitank Comes Fully Loaded:

Built-in external cooling jacket with 1.5" TC Ports
Neoprene jacket for insulation (sold separately)
Pressure pack lid with floating dip tube, draft style quick disconnect connection for sampling/serving and an extra 1.5" TC for hop bongs (KL26062 sold separately)
The Collection container allows you to see fermentation, collect and remove trub and has added ports for purging, oxygenation, carbing and more.
External Cooling Jacket - Fermentation Temperature Control Without Compromise!

When it comes to temperature control for a homebrew conical fermenter the holy grail has been an external cooling jacket. Internal cooling coils have long been the answer and while they are simpler to make and relatively inexpensive, they are harder to clean and have issues cold crashing in warm environments. The Brewbuilt X2 Jacketed Conical offers maximum cooling power without any compromise of sanitation. Welding a jacket on a tank this size has usually been cost prohibitive but the Brewbuilt X2 with jacket is extremely competitive. Circulating cooling solution through the jacket provides you superior cooling power to all coils. 

Extra Large 2” T.C. Dump Valve
Dry hop to your heart's desire. Try as they might, hopheads will have a hard time clogging this conical. With an oversized 2" bottom port, you’ll have all the clearance you need (and even more than some pro brewers) to drop out your dry hop additions with ease. The slick mirror-polish finish on the inside allows flocculating yeast to collect neatly at the bottom of the cone as they slide right down the smooth interior walls. The butterfly dump valve integrates perfectly with the optional Flex Chamber Trub Separator and Yeast Harvester.

Reinforced Four-Leg Foundation
There’s a common complaint seen in the feedback for other conicals on the market—the tippiness of three-legged units. Three legs may be fine when the fermenter is sitting still on an even surface, but users are often forced to purchase a bracing shelf for more stability if they add casters or leg extensions. A conical is only as worthy as it’s foundation, so BrewBuilt modeled the X2 after professional-level brewery tanks with a four-leg, reinforced base. This seemingly small design feature is more expensive to produce, but it's what makes the X2 conical exceedingly stable when compared to other models.  When you fill up your fermenter with delicious fresh wort, you want to trust the vessel that’s holding your latest creation. Brewers shouted from the mountaintop that they wanted stronger, sturdier legs right out of the box that don’t require an additional bracing shelf. The four-leg, welded-bar reinforced system is absolutely rock solid. This is an especially critical feature if you plan to add rolling casters so can easily glide the fermenter around your brewery. 

The reinforced four-leg design not only increased the stability and strength of the conical, it also allowed the unit to stand taller, thereby eliminating the need for extensions in almost every situation. An elbow, a sight glass, or the Flex Chamber can be mounted under the unit with room to spare.

Handles Made for Handling
Although we don’t recommend lifting and moving a full conical, there may be times when you need to do so with the help of a friend. The beefy handles are built for it and won’t let you down. The handles feature molded silicone over stainless for a solid, comfortable grip, and are uniquely designed to stop half-way when they swing out so you won’t crush your fingers.

Adjustable Feet
The X2 Uni comes standard with thread-in adjustable feet. If your home brewery has uneven flooring, you can quickly and easily level out the fermenter. The feet can be swapped out with high-quality casters at any time.

Other Features You’ll Love:

Downward-facing Blowoff U Barb prevents blow-off tubing from kinking and is much easier to remove and clean than a fixed stainless blow off
Internally etched volume markers in gallons and liters
Stainless steel lid clamp with single-piece molded silicone gasket
The X2 Unitank features two more 1.5" TC ports to the cone and body for additional flexibility with current and upcoming product add-ons
Optional Upgrades
The base model X2 Uni allows you to purchase a jacketed conical at the most affordable price and upgrade as you go. All of the accessories included with the X2 Uni+ can be purchased separately, so you can start fermenting now and come back later to add features and improve your process.

Converted FermZilla Conical Collection Container -> 2 Inch Tri-Clover Compatible Lid (Flex Chamber) - Trub Separator & Yeast Harvester
The pressurizable Flex Chamber attaches directly to the butterfly dump valve and can be used for removing trub, harvesting yeast, and many other tasks. Ball lock adapters can be attached to the threaded ports on either side, allowing you to connect oxygenation or carbonation stones, or flush the Flex Chamber with CO2 and use it to inject hops or other ingredients into your conical.
Pressure Pack with Clear Float Technology
The Pressure Pack features a unique floating racking tube that can be used for taking samples, keg transfers, or serving finished beer. This innovative feature draws beer from the top down, which means you’re always pulling the clearest, most sediment-free beer possible. Using pressure to draw a sample from the floating dip tube will also eliminate the tiny bit of oxygen that would be injected into your beer every time the traditional sample valve is opened.
Glycol Compatible
The X2 unitank is fully jacketed for an easy sanitary solution for maintaining fermentation temps using the huge cooling capacity IceMaster G40.1 Glycol Chiller 1/2" outlet.
Pressure Fermentation Kit
Ferment under pressure with the two-piece Pressure Fermentation Kit that includes a BlowTie Spunding Valve kit with integrated gauge and a professional 1 BAR tri-clamp Pressure Release Valve (PRV). The Red Blow Tie Spunding Valve features a 0-15 psi pressure gauge and a hand-adjustable blowoff to dial in your desired pressure setting. The pro PRV provides added safety when fermenting extra-large or high-gravity batches where krausen may reach the lid of the fermenter. Fermenting under pressure will reduce esters and fusel alcohol production, and enable you to ferment lagers at ale fermentation temperatures. Not to mention your beer is already carbonated when it’s finished fermenting!
High Roller Caster Set
Go mobile with the X-Series - 27gal & 42gal Heavy-Duty Castor Wheel Set. Your fermenter moves around the brewery a lot, so why not give it some glide? Roll from sanitizing to kettle transfer to keg transfer to cleaning with minimal effort. Moving a stainless conical around can be taxing. Give your back a break and upgrade your conical with a set of rolling casters.
X2 Uni Conical Features:
External Cooling Jacket with 1.5" Tri-Clover Connections
304 stainless steel construction
Mirror polish finish
Interior Welds are the best in the business - uniquely ground and polished
(3) Horizontal welded cone ports
(1) 4" TC Lid Opening
(2) 1.5" TC Lid Openings
2 " TC Bottom Dump with 2" TC Butterfly Valve
1.5" Thermowell for inserting temperature probe
Strong welded in place handles
(4) Adjustable feet
Silicone tube for blow off
Single-piece stainless lid clamp & one piece molded gasket
Pressure-ready with built-in 15 psi PRV
Internally etched volume markers

Clamp Assembly Warning
Warning! The band clamp connecting the conical body and the lid must be properly installed. An incorrect connection can cause the clamp to loosen and release the lid while under pressure, possibly resulting in personal injury.

Some users are not connecting the lid clamp correctly. Please review new updated drawings in the attached user manual that show both correct and incorrect assembly. Please also review the attached video that shows both correct and incorrect assembly.

Pressure Fermentation
Warning! Do not ferment under pressure without a BrewBuilt Pressure Fermentation Kit. Without the Fermentation Kit, the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) built into the lid could become clogged with fermentation foam and fail. If the PRV fails the X2 could become over pressurized which could cause the lid connection to fail, possibly resulting in personal injury.

Some BrewBuilt X2 users are fermenting under pressure, or attempting to trap CO2 under pressure at the end of fermentation. As noted in the product copy and the manual, fermenting under pressure requires the use of a Brewbuilt Pressure Fermentation Kit. The Pressure Relief Valve built into the lid was designed as a safety release for pressurizing your conical with a regulated co2 source after fermentation is completely over. It is not designed to be the only pressure release mechanism during a pressure fermentation.

Release Pressure Before Removing Fittings
Warning! You must release all pressure before removing fittings failure to release pressure in your X2 prior to removing fittings or the lid clamp can result in personal injury.

Releasing pressure can be achieved by loosening the cap on the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) that is built into the lid. Slowly loosen the cap counterclockwise until you hear the release of any CO2 exiting the PRV. When the release has stopped, continue to slowly unthread the cap. At any point while loosening the cap if you hear additional CO2 being released, stop and wait. When no additional CO2 is being released slowly remove the cap completely to ensure that all pressure has been removed from the fermenter. Only then is it safe to begin removing fittings or the lid clamp.

Please Note: This unit is not provided as standard with a neoprene insulated jacket. This is an optional extra.



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