4 Tap Flow Rider set


ในชุดประกอบด้วย - ตัวตู้เย็น, ถาด, ล้อ, ที่แขวนถัง Co2 - ชุด Tower พร้อม สาย 12 ม, ข้อต่อ Duotight, Shank, - Nukatap แบบปรับได้, ด้ามหัวกด - Regulator Mk4 - Ball Lock ฝั่งแก้สและน้ำ


This Kit includes:

1 x KL15080 Series X Base Model Kegerator Kit includes:
   1 x MK4 Type 30 CO2 Regulator with 8mm duotight push in   
   1 x Black Plastic Wrap Around Drip Tray
   1 x Set of 4 Castor Wheels + bolts. (2 x Front Locking, 2 Free Spinning)
   1 x CO2 Cylinder Holder (designed to suit 2.6kg gas cylinder)
   1 x Chrome Plated Guard Rail with rubber locking feet.
   1 x Wire Shelf (included if you want to convert it back to a can/bottle fridge)
Please note: These items cannot be removed from the pack.
1 x Brushed Stainless Quadruple Tap Font Kit includes:
   1 x Stainless Steel Brushed Font with cap and bolt dust cover.
   1 x Black Font Gasket
   4 x Phillips head mounting bolts for Font
   4 x Black Plastic Tap Handles
   4 x duotight compatible Short Shanks
   4 x 6.5mm x 8mm duotight reducers
   4 x Sets of 4mm x 8mm EVABarrier Hosing for liquid. Recommended length = 1.5m to 2.1m per tap.
   1 x Set of 5mm x 8mm EVABarrier Hosing for gas. Cut to any length.
   3 x 8mm duotight tee for gas hosing splitting.
   1 x 7 in 1 Tap Tool

Please note: These items cannot be removed from the font kit.
4 x NukaTap Stainless Steel Flow Control Taps
Please note these do not come with Auto-Close Springs (sold separately)
4 x duotight 8mm x Ball Lock Disconnect (Grey+Red/Gas)
4 x duotight 8mm x Ball Lock Disconnect (Black+Yellow/Liquid)

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