Malt Master 3 Rollers พร้อมฐาน


Malt Master 3 Rollers พร้อมฐาน


แบรนด์ : Kegland


1. Barley Crusher Malt mill 3 roller homebrew grain mill

2. Product description

Please Note :Assembly is required,the malt mill can be used manually and automatically,but it only supports low-power motors

100% high quality malt mill,WFGOGO offer stainless version malt mill on market,our aim is try our best to offer low price but high quality mills to all the homebrew people.please check carefully before you buy product.Please contact us if you have any question.

Adjustable roller allows you to dial in your crush settings

Great tool for home brewing,suitable for home, outdoor, and so on.

3. Specification

Material:stainless steel 304
Package weight:6.9kg
Pckage Included:
1*MaltMill Included
4*pcs hoppers
1*pcs cank handle
1*bag screws and 3pcs rollers

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