Mangrove Jack's US West Coast M44 Dry Yeast


10g treats 23L / 5 Gallons Suitable for US pale ale, US double IPA, US imperial stout etc. Consistent, top quality results with each brew. Temperature Range: 57-72�F (16-22�C) Superior shelf stability and ease of use.



Product description

Mangrove Jack M44 US West Coast Yeast - Craft Series Yeast

10g treats 23L / 5 Gallons

Active Dried Brewing Yeast suited for American style ales, promoting exceptionally clean flavour to accentuate hop character.

A neutral top-fermenting strain especially suited for brewing silky smooth light ales with a neutral yeast aroma and flavour contribution. This strain also works well for stronger ales where a soft and balanced mouth feel is desired and where the nutty, spicy and earthy hop and malt characteristics should be enhanced. This yeast strain is highly flocculent and not prone to autolysis, making it an excellent choice for both cask and bottle conditioned beer.

Suitable for American style pale ale, American double IPA, American style imperial stout and more.

Usage Directions: Sprinkle contents directly on up to 23 L (6 US Gal) of wort. For best results ferment at 18-23 degrees C (59-74 degrees F).

Storage Recommendations: Store in the fridge

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