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B80pro Brewing System, EU + Starter Pack, 3-Valve Setup
6kw, 20kg malt 

B80pro is a brewing system without compromise. Built for enthusiasts.

  • 90-liter (23 gal) tank volume and 20kg (44 lb) malt capacity.
  • 30-80 liter (8-21 gal) pre-boil volume for flexibility
  • 6kW heating power (2x3kW) utilizing two mains inputs makes heating and boiling fast.
  • High accuracy with 2 digital sensors.
  • Conical bottom with center draining for fast and easy cleaning.
  • Powerful control system with 7" touch-screen, Wifi and Bluetooth 4.2.
    The B80pro has an 80 liter (21 gal) boil capacity and about 20kg (44 lb) malt capacity. It is equipped with a powerful pump, which can be controlled from the touch-screen. The wort is circulated up through the center-pipe and the pump is fitted using Tri-Clamps making it very easy to remove, even when the tank is full.

The malt pipe has latches that folds out when you lift it, so you can use both your hands for lifting.

Sparging is done without tubes or pipes outside the tank. A sparge tube installed on the outside of the centerpipe follows the malt pipe when lifted also lifting the wort spreading device. This makes it very easy to sparge from a separate tank without making a mess.

After brewing with the B80pro, you never have to turn it upside down for cleaning. The centerpipe is removed easily, and you can easily clean the unit, and all the trub will be drained directly to a bucket or the drains. Use the included circulation device as a CIP solution to save time and cleaning chemicals.

The system has two digital temperature sensors - one in the bottom of the tank and one before the pump. The maxium static offset is ±0.5°C. The sensors can be individually calibrated for maximum accuracy. They have an accuracy of 0.1°C. It's also possible to connect a third sensor (accessory) to monitor the temperature of the wort returning from the counterflow cooler, so you can pump directly to the fermenter when the temperature is right.

With powerful heating elements combining 6kW (230V) of power, heating the water or wort is very fast. During the boil, the PID system is deactivated and you can adjust the power output to achieve the perfect rolling boil. You can also adjust the maximum current of each mains input, to 10, 13, 15 and 16 Amps, to make sure you never blow a fuse.

All ports are 34mm Tri-Clamp fittings for maximum flexibility without leaks. As standard the system is shipped with one 3-way valve. All silicone tubes are 16x25mm food grade silicone.

The control system is custom developed and features high quality electronics. The software is constantly being improved with new features. It is updated via WiFi.


Dimensions excl. packaging:67.5 (h) x 62 (w) x 62 (d) cm
Dimensions with one side valve:67.5 (h) x 72 (w) x 62 (d) cm
Dimensions with two valves:67.5 (h) x 82 (w) x 62 (d) cm
Packaging dimensions:83 (h) x 62 (w) x 62 (d) cm
Weight excl. packaging:27.5 kg
Weight incl. packaging:34 kg
Tank dimensions:Ø50 cm, height 46 cm
Tank volume:90 liters (rec maximum boil volume – 80 liters)
Malt pipe dimensions:Ø42 cm, height 42 cm
Malt pipe volume:58 l
Max recommended grain quantity:20 kg
Minimum liquid volume:25 l
Build material:1.0 mm stainless steel (SS304)
Heating elements:230V, 6000W (2x3000W) (two individual circuits)
Pump:24VDC brushless, max 25 l/min, max head 4.5 m, stainless steel head, stepless speed control from touch display
Controller:ARM Cortex M4 180mhz, 7" Touch display
Connectivity:WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2, MicroSD
Hoses:16x25mm silicone, food grade

What's Included:

  • Complete brewing system with controller, pump, tank sensor, heaters and lid
  • Malt pipe with handle and latches
  • 1 pcs expanded metal filter
  • 1 pcs 3-way valve
  • Temperature sensor with adapter for pump line
  • 5 pcs 34mm Tri Clamps with gaskets (all used for standard setup)
  • 3 pcs 34mm TC blind caps
  • 1 pcs dip tube, short type
  • 1 pcs mash hat for spreading the wort
  • 1 pcs sparge tube
  • 150cm 16x25mm silicone tube
  • 1 pcs 34mm TC to 19mm hose barb adapter
  • O-rings for the center pipe and dip tube
  • 2 pcs Power Cable, 2 meter

Please note that some parts of our systems are made by hand, and might have some minor cosmetic imperfections. This will not affect the functionality of the product.


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