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orange sweet

sweet orange peel That will not give a metallic taste like normal orange peel. Instead, it gives off the taste of Grand Marinier,

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orange bitter

The bitter orange peel is perfect for making the Witbier, which adds a citrusy zest to the beer.

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Whirlfloc tablets are a blend of Irish Moss and purified Kappa carrageenan that encourages the precipitation of haze causing materials such as proteins and Beta glucans. Prepared in a quick dissolving, highly soluble tablet form. Almost everyone who tries Whirlfloc tablets prefer them to regular Irish Moss. Add for the final 5 minutes of the boil. Note: One Whirlfloc tablet is good for 10-15 gallons of wort. We suggest using half a tablet for 5 gallon batches for most beers.

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